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Last Update: 30 June 2015

*happy dancing chibis*

This June is our 13 year Annibersary!

Wufei: Tecknickly, it's almost July.

Quatre: Yeah, but Melody's been busy updatin'. She just didn't get round to helpin' us with our Annibersary message.

Trowa: True.

Treize: We absolutely must showcase our 8,500th illustration in the galleries.

*confused chibis naturally turn to Milliardo*

Milliardo: He means we have to show everyone our 8,500th pic. Go here to see it.

Duo: We got lotsa new stuff this month to celumbrate with.

Wufei: I got a new Gundam Battles page with black backgrounded gundams. You can see it here.

Quatre: An' lotsa new aminated gifs an' some new mini movies.

Heero: Plus logos, an' 2 new jigsaw puzzles. One of 'em is of me.

Relena: My Heero!

Heero: I'm NOT your Heero.

Relena: Are too.

Duo: An' Melody managed to get new mobile suit gall'ry updates done too.

Milliardo: There are 33 new trans gifs.

Trowa: An' 41 new pics in the gall'ries. All a us got new pics.

Relena: An' our extra-special crownin' 'chievemint is a new chibi fanfic!

Duo: GWBoyzAngel helped us write a guide to goin' to the public libarry, called "Chibis vs. Libarry." Thanks a whole bunch to her!

Wufei: We couldn't a done it without her.

Heero: In fact, it was her idea.

Quatre: An' we had lotsa fun.

Milliardo: Treize and I had nothing to do with it. Just so you know.

Treize: Be sure to use the Kids font when you read it.

Duo: Melody's next project is fixin' the Wikipedia links for the gundams.

Wufei: Wikipedia broke 'em cause they said they weren't good 'nough. So we're gonna use the Gundam Wiki pages instead.

All: Injoy all your visitin' here!

23 June 2013

June is our Annibersary month--12 years now. To celebrate we have posted pics of every character and there are four new Twos galleries: Heero & Zechs, Relena & Une, Zechs & Une and Trowa & Wufei, plus 10 other Twos pics. We also have an Annibersary jigsaw puzzle. In April we posted our 7500th pic in the galleries, and now we have 220 more. Most of this month's pics are non-screenshots, and I will continue to work through my non-screenshot folders of pics to post on the site next month.

Submissions would be welcome! If you have any anime wallpaper that you have made yourself it would be great if you would send it to us to share with other fans.

7 January 2013

The newest thing on the site is our jigsaw puzzle page. I've made puzzles from various anime, but of course, especially for Gundam Wing.

I've been very sick for the past few months and haven't been able to do much more than sit so that is why we were able to post 107 pics for December. (Hopefully that makes up for not posting any new pics in May.) I've been working my way through my non-screenshot folders of new pics to post on the site. Just the group galleries and mecha galleries are left now, so that's what I'll be concentrating on. After that, we'll get back to posting new screenshots.

I'm getting stronger now but still have to limit my activity, so that should result in more pics for January. ^_^

13 June 2012

*happy dancing chibis*

It's our 11 year Annibersary! An' we're celebratin'!

Wufei: We're sorry that Melody hasn't been a very good webmistress lately.

Trowa: There were no new pics in May.

Treize: That's because she has been testing her wings as an author.

*the confused little ones look to Milliardo automatically*

Milliardo: (translates) She's been writin' a book.

Chibis: Ohhh

Quatre: But there's good news.

Duo: While she's been authorin' she an' Tegan took time to write a new chibi fic.

Relena: It's called "What's Going Around?" and the link is here.

Heero: Poor Tegan. It's 'bout her.

Treize: We are also taking this opportunity to announce our 7,000th illustration in the galleries.

Milliardo: (translates automatically) He means we've got 7,000 pics up now.

Relena: Here's the link to it! An' it's gor-geous!

Duo: So injoy your time here at the site!

31 October 2011

*sounds of crashing and banging*

Relena: Hold still, hunny-bunny, it'll be over in a minute.

*banging and crashing continues*

Relena: (loudly) Hi, ev'rybody! We got a update for those who are new here or those a you who hasn't noticed it yet...

*increased noises, chair scraping and muffled sounds*

Duo: Jus' hold still, Heero!

*Heero struggles to be released from being tied to a chair while the other chibis try to hold him down*

Relena: (shouts) ...but Melody made a Heero & Relena Screenshot Slideshow Photo Album!

Wufei: An' there's nuthin' he can do 'bout it!

Trowa: 'Cause Melody said so, an' she said, "Or else!"

*all noises cease, as Heero gives in to the inevitable*

Relena: Now, that wasn't so bad, was it, sugarplum?

Heero: ... (death glare)

*Milliardo removes Heero's gag while Trowa unties him*

Heero: Omae---

Treize claps his hand over Heero's mouth.

Quatre: An' 'member, ya can't say THAT neither.

Heero: (pulls Treize's hand away) Rats!

18 September 2011

The Chibis have spoken! (At least Chibis Heero and Relena have) There is a new chibi fic called "Chibi Heero's Frozen Nightmare"--our 50th chibi fic!

To keep the new fic from being confusing, it would be helpful to read my 9-15-11 Facebook Update first.

Here's the link to the new fic!

20 August 2011

*happy dancing Chibi Relena*

Relena: Hey, ev'rybody! We're celebratin' our six thousan' five hunderth pic! An' it's one of my fav'rite pics of Heero!

Wufei: ALL of Heero's pics are your fav'rites.

Relena: Yeah, but this is one a my fav'rite fav'rites.

Duo: I'll bet mosta his pics are your fav'rite fav'rites.

Relena: (crossly, hands on hips, challenges) Well this is one of my FAV'RITE fav'rite fav'rites, 'KAY?

Heero: Yeah, whatever.

Relena: ANYWAYS, here's the link to it!

Quatre: An' this month we gots some new aminated gifs an' mini-movies.

Milliardo: New transparent gifs too.

Trowa: An' Melody's been puttin' up her Facebook posts for Gundam Wing fans. The link is under "Readin' Stuff."

Treize: There are one hundred twenty-five new pictures in the galleries as well.

Heero: An' new quotes in Speeches & Quotes.

Duo: An' new Crypto-Quote puzzles on my Fun 'n Games page!

Treize: To summarize, August has been a productive month at the site.

The little ones stare at Milliardo expectantly.

Milliardo: (translates) He means we've been busy around here.

Chibis: Ohhh...

Treize: And school will begin in just a few weeks.

Wufei: (crosses arms, stubbornly) I don' wanna talk 'bout more everlastin' Kinnergarden 'til we abs'lutely HAF to.

23 June 2011

*happy dancing Chibi Wufei*

Wufei: (singing to the tune of American folk song "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain") Oh, we're not on hiatus anymore, anymore! Oh, we're not on hiatus anymore! (stops suddenly)

Wufei: (in horrified whisper) I hope nobody saw me doin' that.

Chibis: (loudly) WE DID.

Wufei: (blushes a deep red) Ah--you guys are here already!

Duo: Weren't you s'posed t' make a 'nouncement 'stead a dancin' 'n singin'?

Wufei: Yeah, I'm here ta make the 'nouncement 'bout Melody an' Tegan's new chibific. It's a Gundam Wing/Fullmetal Alchemist chibi crossover fic called "Fountain of Youth." It's really part 2 to "Chibi Heero's First and Only Chemistry Set" so if ya haven't read that ya better start there so it don't get too confusin'.

Wufei goes and hides.

Trowa: He fergot to say that the link to the Kids font is workin' now.

Treize: Yes, he did. It's in a zip file on the main page, under the bouncing Wing Gundam.

Quatre: Guess he was too imbarrassed so he didn't 'member to say that part.

Heero: Well, if it was me I woulda been too.

Relena: An' here's the link fer yer extra conveenence!

13 June 2011

*happy dancing chibis*

Chibis: It's the SSC's 10 year Annibersary!

Quatre: An' Melody's started shootin' screens 'gain!

Duo: It's called "screen shootin'".

Treize: You mean that Melody has resumed making screenshots.

Duo: Whatever you say.

Relena: Ten years of Gundam Wing!

Duo: That's a long time. Melody's 50 now an' Tegan's 24.

Trowa: (puzzled) But we're still the same ages as when the site started.

Heero: We must be caught in a time loop.

Wufei: Yeah, after all, we keep havin' to go to Kinnergarden ev'ry year an' nuthin' much changes.

Quatre: An' we never grow outta our aminal jammies.

Milliardo: But we've been having fun all this time, right?

Chibis: Right!

Relena: (clasps her hands to her heart) My Heero gots a new gall'ry of him an' Epyon an' the pics turned out GOR-GEOUS!

Duo: (mutters) I thought they turned out kinda freaky, myself.

Heero: (to Relena) I'm NOT your Heero! (to Duo) An' YOU shut up!

Duo: Just face it, Heero, you'll always be her hunnybunny.

Heero's murderous glare is interrupted by Treize.

Treize: I propose a toast. (all raise their drink boxes) To more years of Gundam Wing!

Chibis: To more years of Gundam Wing!

Wufei: That means more years of Kinnergarden?

Treize: Yes.

Wufei: Rats!

30 March 2011

Treize: There comes a time in the life of every webmommie when she becomes (delicately) A Certain Age.

Heero: We’re talkin’ ‘bout Melody’s birthday right?

Duo: What’s ‘acertainage’ mean? I thought she was turnin’ 50.

Treize: Well, yes she is, but I was trying to say it discretely.

Relena: What’s “skreetly” mean?

Quatre: You said 50’s the same as five de’cades.

Treize: Yes, I did. But—

Quatre: You said that each de’cade gots 10 years each.

Heero: (calculating) Yup, that makes 50 alright.

Wufei: That’s haf a cenchery.

Trowa: That’s a LONG TIME!

Duo: But yer never too old to like Gundam Wing right?

Treize: That’s true.

Relena: Or manga. Melody’s been readin’ lotsa that lately. ‘Specially shoujo stuff.

Treize: Yes, she has.

Milliardo: Well, anyway, we’re here to say Happy Birthday to her.

All: Happy Birthday, Melody!

Duo: You sure are old!

Treize: Shhh.

Duo: What? Yer always shushin’ me.

9 February 2011

We celebrated our son Jeremiah's 30th birthday on Monday, today is our 31st wedding anniversary and I turn 50 next month. How time flies!

A Chibi Appeal

When we had our computer crash diss-aster Melody lost her private files which were not on the site so if any a you got pics from Melody's private files, will ya please send her copies of 'em? She lost all her private files, includin' Gundam Wing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki an' Black Jack pics so any pics from those series (no matter if you got 'em from Melody or not) would be very welcome! Thanks a bunch for your coop'ration!


The Chibi Board of Directors

Thanks for sendin' pics to Melody!

Thanks to Kelli for sendin' Gundam Wing pics!
Thanks to Claire for sendin' Saiyuki pics!
Thanks to Jessica M. for sendin' Gundam Wing pics!

Top Characters for June

Heero Wufei

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Duo Trowa Zechs Treize



Noin Hilde

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Sally Trowa

Tuesday's Popular Characters

Heero Wufei Relena Noin

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Other Characters:

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*GGMC* Duo & Trowa:

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*GGMC* Quatre & Dorothy:

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*12 new pics for July!*

*8 new pics for June!*
*8 new pics for July!*

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*5 new pics for July!*

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A 'Nouncement!

Drumroll, please!...
The Grand Total of pics in the Archive is: 8,559 Plus, there's lotsa aminated gifs, too! An' we're VERY proud a that!
The Chibi Board of Directors

(An' we counted 'em ALL by ourselfs!)
Updated 07/18/14


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and myself at the Ridgedale Audio
King in Minnetonka, MN on Sunday
17 November 2000, YOU know who
you are. Please contact us!

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We know that they are all so cute that it's hard to choose just one, but please only vote for your very favorite chibi. Please don't vote more than once to try to make your chibi have more votes than the others, which
is something that has happened in the past. That spoils the fun of having the poll, and this site is designed so that people will have fun.

If you like this site, please vote!

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