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Last Update: 13 December 2017

Chibis: *singing* Alls we want for Christmas is Gundam Wing, on blu-ray, from RightStuf!

Miliardo: We're announcing that Gundam Wing is on blu-ray.

Quatre: We're so excited! It's the best thing we can think of for Cwissmiss.

Wufei: Here it is, in all its glory: Gundam Wing Ultra Edition Blu-Ray

Relena: There's extras, extras, extras with it! Posters, art cards, a huge hardback book too! An' pins!

Heero: It's also been released in two basic boxed sets, plus Endless Waltz.

Duo: So here's the links:
GW Blu-Ray Collection 1
GW Blu-Ray Collection 2
Endless Waltz Blu-Ray

Trowa: They're also on DVDs:
GW DVD Collection 1
GW DVD Collection 2
Endless Waltz DVD

Treize: We are truly impressed with RightStuf. High-quality products with incomparable customer service is a win-win for anime fans, in the highly esteemed opinion of the Chibi Board of Directors.

Milliardo: RightStuf is the company with the most careful packing of anime series for shipment that we've ever seen too.

Duo: There's no company higher than them for that!

Treize: You mean, they are the best company we've found that takes care when shipping their products.

Duo: That's what I just said. There's no sloppy wrappin' it in bubble wrap an' hopin' it makes it to the person buyin' it without gettin' wrecked, like we got from Best Buy.

Treize: True. That is the conclusion of the Chibi Board of Directors' Gundam Wing on blu-ray announcement.

Relena: But I'm not done yet! I got a nuther song. *singing* Alls I want for Christmas is a diamond ring, from Heero, my True Love! *looks around at empty room* Hey, guys! Wait up! Heero gots to know what I want for Christmas!

11 October 2017

Relena: Where's Melody?

Trowa: She's in her bedroom, hidin'.

Quatre: What for?

Treize: Melody is deeply embarrassed. She wants the Chibi Board of Directors to present the Update without her supervision.

Milliardo: So we must do this Update alone.

Wufei: She started doin' the Gall'ry Gardening Project 'gain. It's been a long time since she stopped doin' it.

Heero: She weeded out the bad pitchers in the Group Gall'ries.

Treize: To her utter dismay, there were so many images which ranged from poor in quality to absolutely unacceptable.

Duo: So she's imbarrassed that they was still on the site!

Trowa: She thought she got ridda them bad ones a LONG TIME AGO.

Treize: When the Gallery Gardening Project was in full swing the computer crashed. The backup hard drive did as well. She lost everything.

Quatre: She hadta stop gardening an' copy ALL of the pitchers an' thumbnails an' stories an' aminated gifs an' the Hopsbital an' the Jail an'--

Wufei: Yeah, ev'rything from the site had to go into her computer 'gain.

Duo: There were THOUSAN'S and THOUSAN'S of pitchers 'n stuff. It took FOREVER!

Relena: So why's she imbarrassed?

Treize: Because she has high quality standards for all of the images posted in our galleries. She didn't know these pictures remained from the original site.

Milliardo: So she's been replacing lots of them with better copies.

Treize: She was forced to discard the ones she couldn't improve or replace.

Relena: There's LOTSA ones with Heero in 'em!

Duo: We been workin' day 'n night helpin' out as much as we can.

Wufei: (folded arms) Till Tegan made us go to bed.

Trowa: No matter how much we begged an' pleaded she made us go to bed anyways.

Heero: Even when I told her Melody would finish sooner if she let us stay up to help.

Wufei: She didn't buy it.

Relena: Buy what?

Treize: (ignores Relena) In a Chibi Board of Directors Emergency Consultation we made an Executive Decision that, while she was in the process of replacing the unacceptable images, she should modify the thumbnails, altering the proportion of each one to a uniform height.

The Chibis all look to Milliardo.

Milliardo: (translates) We thought she should make new thumbnails while she was at it and make them all the same size.

Treize: Our purpose in this decision was the hope that this upgrade to the uneven graphics would enhance the overall presentation of each reformed gallery.

Milliardo: (translates automatically) The pages will look better that way.

Heero: So she did it. An' it does look better.

Wufei: An' that's all we got to say.

Duo: (pats Treize on the shoulder) I think you should go rest your brain now. Your talkin' is worse 'n usual.

1 June 2016

It's our 15 year Annibersary month!

Duo: T' start ya off with we got a blast from our past.

Trowa: Yup, today is Tegan's 29th birthday.

Wufei: So we're postin' her birthday chibi fanfic here from when she turned 18.

Heero: (calculating) That's 'leven years ago.

Quatre: Yup, one d'cade plus one year.

Relena: Here it is: Tegan Gets All Growed-Up.

Treize: We started posting screenshots from episode nine last week. There will be more this month.

Milliardo: Check back to see the goodies we've prepared for our celebration.

9 January 2016

Quatre: Here's the Updates!

Relena: The BIG 'nouncement is that we posted our nine-thousan'th pic!

Duo: If ya wanna see it go just go here.

Trowa: It's a good thing Treize can count higher then us.

Treize: Naturally.

Heero: An' after a long, long time, there's some new Speeches & Quotes.

Treize: The newest gallery, Game Cards, is now open for your viewing pleasure.

Wufei: There's new videos on Tegan's YouTube Picks page too.

Milliardo: Transparent gifs have been posted, as well as new pictures.

Quatre: Don't forget my aminated gifs an' mini movies too.

Duo: An' new logos.

Relena: An' four new jigsaw puzzles!

23 December 2015

Treize: We are here to present the updates to the site.

Quatre: We gots a new colorin' page an' Hopsbital pics an' new pics for the Jail.

Duo: Did ya hafta tell 'em 'bout the Jail? That's so imbarrassin'!

Trowa: Well, he couldn't help it if new cel pics are in the Jail. It was just his job to 'nounce it.

Heero: Tegan's YouTube Picks got a com-plete overhaul, a new look an' new videos.

Wufei: Theres new logos too.

Relena: Submissions for fanart an' fanfic would be welcome too!

1 December 2015

Quatre: Merry Cwissmiss ev'rybody!

Treize: Our--

Duo: We been workin' HARD puttin' up new stuff.

Milliardo: There are new galleries on my Trans Gifs Gallery page: Engineers and Other Characters.

Treize: Our--

Quatre: Don't ferget the Mog-a-nocks--they gots their own gall'ry too.

Milliardo: Yes, the Maguanacs have their own trans gifs gallery now. We put up new trans gifs in every gallery we had new pics for, so that's a BIG update. It took HOURS to do, in fact it took all night.

Heero: Seriously, it took from about midnight till 9:00 this mornin', includin' Quatre's new aminated gifs that were posted too.

Treize: *finally gets a word in edgewise* Our Christmas present to our guests is four new pages of Domon Comics. They are at the bottom of the page, marked as Domon Comics, December 2015.

Relena: Findin' 'em made us happy so we hope you'll be happy too!

Trowa: We'll try to get pics for as many gall'ries as we can this month.

Treize: You see, the trouble is that when our computer crashed a few years ago we lost all of the Endless Waltz screenshots we had in reserve.

Heero: An' the ones we didn't put up yet.

Wufei: The hardest job is to find pics of Endless Waltz of me not in my gundam.

Relena: There's LOTS a pics of him in his gundam, but hardly any of him without it.

Quatre: Couldn't Melody just make more?

Milliardo: She'd have to do screenshots of the whole movie again, so it's a lot of work.

Trowa: She's gonna do episode 9 next. She's been postin' screenshots from episode 7 in the last couple months.

Heero: She takes hunderds of screenshots from one episode, like 400, an' then sorts through 'em to weed out the duplicates or bad shots an' then they go into their separate folders before she does resizin' an' sharpens 'em before she posts 'em. The whole movie is like doin' three episodes.

Duo: So enyway, we're plannin' to do lotsa pics this month.

Wufei: We'll keep you posted on ev'rythin' we do.

Relena: Oh--we gotta say Happy Birthday to our Webdaddy John.

Chibis: Happy Birthday, Webdaddy John!

Duo: He told us he's older'n dirt but we like him anyways.

12 November 2015

Duo: We're overhaulin' the site! We finely lit a fire under Melody an' she's been updatin' EV'RYWHERES!

Milliardo: We have a whole lot of new trans gifs this month.

Quatre: An' my aminated gifs an' mini-movies too.

Relena: We also got a new 'splanation 'bout why we don't have any a that *looks around, whispers* Frozen Teardrop 'round here.

Heero: *shudders violently* That 'splanation page also links to my chibi fanfic "Chibi Heero's Frozen Nightmare."

Relena: OUR chibi fanfic.

Heero: It was MY nightmare!

Relena: But I was in it too, so it's OURS, hunny-bunny.*bats her eyelashes*

Wufei: What's the matter with your eyes?

Relena: Nuthin'. It makes me look de-mure to do that.

Quatre: *whispers to Heero* What's 'de-mure' mean?

Heero: Beats me. How should I know?

Treize: We have strayed from the point.

Milliardo: *automatically translates* We need to get back to what we were supposed to be saying.

Chibis: Ohh.

Treize: Melody has been updating various sections. We have new links on the Links page, new additions to the Wikipedia articles and have added to the Lyrics section.

Trowa: An' the funny page of Chrome Changes from when Melody was startin' to work on the site usin' Chrome an' Chrome thought it could correct our names and other words she used in the HTML files.

Duo: It gots words even TREIZE didn't know!

Quatre: Don't forget to men-shun the new Jigsaw Puzzles.

Heero: There's new cels in the Jail too.

Duo: There are tons of new pitchers this month.

Relena: There's plenty to do so have fun while you're here!

A Chibi Appeal

When we had our computer crash diss-aster Melody lost her private files which were not on the site so if any a you got pics from Melody's private files, will ya please send her copies of 'em? She lost all her private files, includin' Gundam Wing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki an' Black Jack pics so any pics from those series (no matter if you got 'em from Melody or not) would be very welcome! Thanks a bunch for your coop'ration!


The Chibi Board of Directors

Thanks for sendin' pics to Melody!

Thanks to Kelli for sendin' Gundam Wing pics!
Thanks to Claire for sendin' Saiyuki pics!
Thanks to Jessica M. for sendin' Gundam Wing pics!

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Duo Trowa Heero

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Monday's Popular Characters

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Sunday's Popular Characters

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*GGMC* Series Gallery:
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*GGMC* Series Gallery:

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*GGMC* Wing Zero:

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Other Characters:

*GGMC* Relena's Series Gallery:

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*GGMC* Relena's Character Pics:
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*GGMC* Zechs:
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*GGMC* Zechs & Epyon:
*1 new pic for November!*

*GGMC* Zechs & Wing Zero:
*1 new pic for November!*

*GGMC* Zechs & Tallgeese:
*1 new pic for November!*

*GGMC* Treize:

*GGMC* Lady Une:

*GGMC* Sally:

*GGMC* Noin:

*GGMC* Catherine:

*GGMC* Dorothy:

*GGMC* Hilde:

*GGMC* Mariemaia:


*GGMC* Series Gallery:

Endless Waltz:

*GGMC* Character Pics:
*3 new pics for November!*

*GGMC* Quatre & Sandrock:

* Quatre & Wing Zero:


*GGMC* Series Gallery:

*GGMC* Endless Waltz:

*GGMC* Character Pics:

*GGMC* Trowa with Heavyarms:


*GGMC* Heero & Duo:

*GGMC* Heero & Relena:
*5 new pics for December!*
* HeeroandRelena1 Screenshot Slideshow

*GGMC* Quatre & Trowa:

*GGMC* Trowa & Catherine:

*GGMC* Duo & Hilde:

*GGMC* Zechs & Noin:

*GGMC* Misc. Twos:

*GGMC* Relena & Pagan:
*1 new pic for November!*

*GGMC* Zechs & Treize:

*GGMC*Treize & Une:

*GGMC* Noin & Sally:

*GGMC* Wufei & Treize:

*GGMC* Duo & Quatre:
*1 new pic for November!*

*GGMC* Dorothy & Relena:

*GGMC* Duo & Trowa:

*GGMC* Heero & Quatre:

*GGMC* Wufei & Sally:

*GGMC* Quatre & Dorothy:

*GGMC* Zechs & Relena:

*GGMC* Duo & Sally:

*GGMC* Quatre & Rashid:

*GGMC* Quatre & Noin:

*GGMC* Noin & Une:

*GGMC* Relena & Mariemaia:

Relena & Hilde:

*GGMC* Heero & Dorothy:

*GGMC* Heero & Trowa:

*Trowa arrests Heero*
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*GGMC* Trowa & Une:

*GGMC* Relena & Noin:
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* Duo & Wufei:

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* Lady Une & Mariemaia:

* Heero & Treize:

* Zechs & Howard:

* Heero & Zechs:

* Relena & Une:

* Zechs & Une:

* Trowa & Wufei:


*GGMC* Series Gallery:

*GGMC* Endless Waltz:

*GGMC* Character Pics:
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*GGMC* Wufei & Shenlong:


*GGMC* Chibis One:
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*GGMC* Stats & Character Posters:
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The Jail:

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*4 new pics for November!*
*5 new pics for December!*

GW Game Cards

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*2 new cards for December!*


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A 'Nouncement!

Drum-roll, please!...
The Grand Total of pics in the Archive is: 9,305 Plus, there's lotsa aminated gifs, too! An' we're VERY proud a that!
The Chibi Board of Directors

(An' we counted 'em ALL by ourselfs!)
Updated 12/14/17


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