Chibi Fanfic!
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Chibi Quatre: Melody an' Tegan 'cided today that we can have chibi fanfic here! Isn't that GREAT?!

Chibi Relena: (dreamy look) Then people can write Romantical Stories 'bout me 'n Heero.

Chibi Duo: (annoyed) I told ya already that people don't ALWAYS wanna see you 'n Heero!

Relena: (hands on hips) Well, LOTS of 'em DO.

Chibi Heero: Melody 'n Tegan said there should be funny stories here and not sad ones. I think Romantical Stories would be sad.

Relena: Not if I wrote it! We would live Happ'ly Ever After--even if YOU didn't want to! So there!

Heero: (rolls his eyes, gives up) Whatever. (shakes his head)

Quatre: Melody says they hafta be "clean" chibi stories. She says that means stories that are okay for chibis to read.

Duo looks up from the table where he has been busily writing with a chunky pencil.

Duo: Hey--that don't sound right. What 'bout the chibis who can't read yet? That's not fair to them. It's not their fault they can't read yet.

Chibi Wufei: Duo, she means stories that chibis could HEAR. You're so dumb sometimes.

Duo jumps up from his chair.

Duo: You take that back or I'll--

Quatre grabs Duo by the arm.

Quatre: Duo! Wufei! Stop it or you'll get in trouble for fightin'. Then you won't get dessert!

Relena: Wufei, you shouldn't call names just 'cause he don't unnerstand somethin'.

Wufei crosses his arms, closes his eyes and turns away.

Wufei: This isn't worth gettin' in trouble over--'specially if we don't get dessert.

Duo resumes his busy writing. His concentration is very apparent because the tip of his tongue shows in the corner of his mouth.

Chibi Trowa: (looks over Duo's shoulder) What're ya writin', Duo?

Duo: I'm writin' the Very First chibi story. Hey Treize! How do you spell "wimpy"?

Chibi Treize looks up from his book.

Treize: W-I-M-P-Y (resumes reading)

Duo writes that down carefully and writes a little more.

Quatre: What's it say?

Duo holds the paper up with both hands and proudly reads.

Duo: "Once 'pon a time there was a chibi named Duo, who was the COOLEST chibi in ALL the land. No one can argue with THAT. An' he didn't have ANY girlfriend followin' him 'round like that wimpy chibi Hunny-Bunny did. One day--

Heero grabs the paper from Duo and takes off, shredding it as he runs.

Duo: Hey! Give that back! (takes after Heero) Don't rip it up! I was workin' hard on that!

Quatre: Anyway, if any of our guests want to write a funny chibi story for here--

Relena: OR a Romantical one 'bout me 'n Heero--

Quatre: ...just send it to the Webmistresses at .

Trowa: Tegan says she will read 'em to us for bedtime stories an' ask us what we think.

Chibi Milliardo: They can be written play style, like in our intros, or else like a regular book.

Quatre: We're lookin' forward to seein' your stories!


Please be aware that the chibis get into an awful lot of mischief in these stories.
The Shooting Stars Collection in no way endorses or encourages these behaviors.
The stories have been written for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to encourage children to engage in dangerous or mischievous behavior.
Kids--DON'T try these things at home!

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