Why We Are Not Including
Frozen Teardrop
on Our Site

The following is the Facebook entry by Melody from 2011 which explains why we object to Frozen Teardrop. For these reasons we will not be including Frozen Teardrop on our site, nor Glory of the Defeated, which incorporates Frozen Teardrop into the original story.

For Gundam Wing Fans: Heero Yuy piloting the Gundam Snow White?
On the Shooting Stars Collection's site he’s not!

by Melody on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 3:36pm

Thanks to the artist!


We may be late in finding out about the new official Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop novel which is currently being serialized in Japan since February of this year, but we have heard of it now and are completely appalled by the plot. So I’m writing this to explain why GW: Frozen Teardrop will not be included in the Shooting Stars Collection: A Gundam Wing Image Archive’s site, in spite of the beautiful artwork.

The last person assassinated by Heero was Mariemaia in Endless Waltz.

GW: Frozen Teardrop contradicts the story so far to such an extent that we just don’t find it acceptable. For instance, at the end of Endless Waltz it says that peace was established, that all weapons were destroyed and that mobile suits—including the Gundams--were never seen again. Yet Frozen Teardrop, which takes place 20-30 years after EW, has new mobile suits! And Heero is supposed to be trying to assassinate Relena, in spite of his saying before he collapsed at the end of EW:

Heero drops his gun at the end of Endless Waltz.

There are fairy tale themes which in themselves are not bad, of course, but the context in which they are used in GW: Frozen Teardrop are either stupid or downright laughable. (The top illustration says it perfectly without words.) The code names for Heero and Relena when they are in their cryostasis pods in a cold sleep without aging are Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora for Heero and the Little Prince for Relena. (How backward is that? Especially since Relena had once wondered if Heero was a “little prince”) And then Heero is given the Gundam Snow White! Snow White! The heart of outer space, the legendary Perfect Soldier Heero Yuy who is so well-trained for his job as an assassin that he can regain consciousness without increasing his pulse or altering his brain wave patterns; a master marksman, swordsman, horseman, martial artist, computer genius and ballroom dancer, who piloted one of the coolest Gundams ever imagined, the Gundam Wing Zero Custom, is piloting the Gundam Snow White. What enemy could possibly take him seriously? It sounds about as threatening to us as “Beware of Fluffy the Killer Guard Puppy” does. Or what I call our incredibly timid cockatiel: “Cuddles the Fierce Warrior Chicken.”

The Gundam Wing Zero Custom. Now that's a gundam!


Duo and Hilde are divorced: he is a bounty hunter/high risk gambler disguised as a priest and she becomes a nun and runs an orphanage and then she dies. Most Duo and Hilde fans just won’t accept that.

Relena is again a puppet queen with no real power. The Preventers have called for Relena’s assassination. Dorothy is the President of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, Lady Une is her aide and Sylvia Noventa is her ambassador to Mars, where Relena is in Relena City. Huh?

I could go on but I really don’t want to. Anyone who wants to read the info that we read can see it at: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/New_Mobile_Report_Gundam_Wing:_Frozen_Teardrop There are many other things about FT on the wiki site if you want to read about them which we find are either completely unimaginative or desperately cliché. The more I read the madder and sadder and sicker I felt. At the English-speaking forums I’ve visited the opinion of the fans is more against than for Frozen Teardrop, but we recognize than anyone can like it if they want to and will not be criticized by us if they do. It’s a free Gundam Universe, after all. We would appreciate the same courtesy in return.

So, in conclusion, GW: Frozen Teardrop will only appear on the Shooting Stars Collection by accident if at all if we include some artwork we are not aware of being from Frozen Teardrop. We look at it this way: even though it is official that doesn’t mean we have to accept or promote it. It’s like some sites are dedicated to the first arc of Robotech but not the others, or to a particular Doctor from Doctor Who, or a particular character from any given anime, so we are only including what we find acceptable here: the original GW series, Endless Waltz, and the official manga: Episode Zero, Blind Target, Ground Zero and Battlefield of Pacifists. Then, as far as we’re concerned, the fandom can take the story from there in various fanfiction, as we’ve all done for the past 11-16 years, depending on if we’re dating from the show’s original 1995 air date in Japan or the debut of the English dub in 2000.

And as for Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop—no, no, no, no, no!

Update: 11/10/15
Since writing this we have found that the author of Frozen Teardrop
is the author who left the series over creative differences
with the director before it was completed. He is not the only author of Gundam Wing.

Chibis Heero and Relena give their opinion


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