Chibi Fanfic!

Chibi Heero’s Frozen Nightmare

by Melody

“Ahh!” Chibi Heero awoke with a start, sitting up in bed, cold sweat running down his face from under his shaggy brown bangs. The first thing he saw were HER crystal blue eyes.

“What’re YOU doin’ here?” he demanded, making the horns on the hood of his cow pajamas wobble anew.

“Watchin’ you sleep, a course. Duo said I could,” Relena answered demurely.

Heero looked exasperated.

“Duo ‘gain! I’ll hafta tell him a thing or two when I find him!”

“Whatsa matter, Heero? Have a bad dream?” the concerned Chibi Relena asked her True Love with genuine compassion in her voice.

“Not a bad dream,” Heero clarified, and shivered. “It was a Nightmare!”

“What’s it ‘bout? You wanna tell me?”

“Might as well, since you was in it too,” came his reply, to Relena’s surprise and delight. She thought it was wonderful that Heero had a dream with her in it, even if it was a nightmare. “I dreamed that I was bein' kept in a frozen box, like a freezer, but I was ‘live an’ jus’ sleepin’ for years an’ years but I didn’t get any older'n I was. You was in one a them boxes too, but you was somewheres else.”

“Me? Really?”

“Yup, you too. An’ after I was woked up I was interduced to a boy who looked jus’ like Duo. His name was Duo the Second an’ he was Duo’s and Hilde’s son. Boy, was he annoying! Even worse'n Duo is! Talk ‘bout a bad attitude!”

“Cool!” the romantical Relena exclaimed. “So they was married in the dream.”

“Yeah.” Heero shook his head sadly. “Poor Duo. I wouldn't wish that even on him. Well, anyways, before we was woked up you an’ me had secret code names.”

“That sounds scientifical and spyin’-like James Bond or somethin’.” Relena was intrigued. “So what’s our secret code names?”

“You was called “Little Prince” an’ I was called,” Heero stopped and gulped, looking terribly embarrassed. “I really don’t wanna tell ya what they called me.”

“Oh, please, please, please!” Relena begged. “What was it?”

Heero took a big breath. If he didn’t tell her he’d never hear the end of it till he did.

“Sleepin’ Beauty, the same as Princess Aurora from the fairy tale story. They called me both names. They just kept callin’ me Sleepin’ Beauty ‘n Princess Aurora. See, I told ya it was a nightmare.”

“There’s somethin’ jus’ WRONG ‘bout that!” Relena declared indignantly, jumping up, hands on hips. “I should be the Princess ‘Rora! An’ YOU should be Prince Charmin’!”

“Nobody was Prince Charmin’. It’s bad ‘nough without bein’ called THAT.”

“Well, it’s just not right to call a princess a prince, no matter if it’s a little prince or a big one. I’m a Princess, an’ that’s a fact,” Relena said stubbornly.

“Well, it was in my nightmare, an’ I wasn’t dreamin’ it ‘cause I WANTED to so I can’t change the names.” Heero was irritated. “Do ya wanna hear it or not?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Relena sat down on the edge of the bed again. “But I still don’t like bein’ called a Prince.”

“Ya think I like bein’ called Sleepin’ Beauty ‘n Princess Aurora?” Heero countered.

“Well, no. I see what'cha mean. Anyways, what happened then?” Relena straightened the skirt of her pink sweater dress.

“Well, after we was woked up someone gave me a gun an’ told me to ‘sassinate you.”

“'Sassinate me? You wouldn’t REALLY do that, would ya?” said the instantly teary Relena and put her thumb in her mouth.

“A course not,” Heero assured her, but to himself he thought, ‘Melody wouldn’t let me. I’d have t’ find a nuther way to get ridda her.’

The wet thumb was dislodged, the tears disappeared and Relena smiled a very happy Princess smile.

“Then someone put alla Treize's mem'ries in my head!”

“Oh, Heero! Why?” Relena put her hand on the sleeve of Heero's cow pajamas consolingly.

“I dunno. It don't make any sense.” Heero pulled his arm away. “An' don' enfringe on my pers'nal space!”

“I'm sorry. I forgot,” Relena apologized sincerely. “Anythin’ else happen?”

“Yeah. You know Dorothy, the girl from school who likes Quatre?”

“Uh-huh. I get tired of hearin’ 'bout it from her.” Relena looked miffed. “’He’s jus’ so cute!’ She’s always sayin’ that.”

“Well, Dorothy was President of the intire World.”

“How awful!” Relena was shocked.

“Yup, she was. An’ you was bein’ Queen of Mars but you really was a hostage ‘cause you was kidnapped.”

“Oh, jus’ like Rapunzel!” Relena clasped her hands to her heart and had stars in her eyes. “An’ I was kept in a TALL tower an’ you’d come ‘n visit me an’ climb up t’ see me usin' my long, long hair. An’…”

“That’s NOT what happened,” Heero said with obvious aggravation. “This is MY dream, ya know.”

“You said it was a nightmare,” Relena corrected him.

“It WAS a nightmare!” Heero was way beyond aggravated now.

“’Kay, so then what?”

“ANYWAYS, the worst thing of all happened then.” Heero closed his eyes and shuddered violently. “They forced me to be pilot of a mobile suit called Snow White! Snow White! Isn’t that horrible?!”

“No, it’s really cute! Snow White was a princess who lived in a forest with seven dwarves an’…”

“I KNOW who she is, that’s why it’s so awful! A mobile suit named after a fairy tale princess! No normal guy wants to be cute! It’s bad ‘nough with the code names but then this! It’s more ‘n a dign’fied pilot could stand!”

“It’s a good thing it could never happen then,” said Relena.

“It sure is!” Heero agreed. “Now I gotta find Duo. Wonder where my beam saber’s at?”

The End

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The author does not claim to own Gundam Wing nor any of its characters, including the adorable chibis. >_<

Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise, Sotsu Agency and TV Asahi.