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Tegan said that I can have this page for my very own because I did such a
great speech in episode 18.

If anyone has some Gundam Wing speeches or favorite quotes to contribute
just send Ďem to me. If you can tell me which episode the quote is
from thatís good but itís not nesísary.

Select Speeches

1. Heero's Greeting Speech from Episode 18

2. Lady Une's Speech from Episode 25

3. Relena's Appeal from Episode 18

4. Treize's Speech from Episode 28

5. Trowa's Message to Quatre from Episode 25

6. Treize's Refusal Speech from Episode 25

Mem'rable Quotes

Relena: Heero, 'scuze me for a minnit here.

Heero: What do YOU want! Go 'way!

Relena: Well! You don't hafta be rude! I was bein' p'lite!

Heero: (has resigned himself to the inevitable) Okay, what do ya wanna say?

Relena: I just wanted t' give a good 'zample of a mem'rable quote. Here it is,
with my fav'rite pitcher of you 'n me!

* * * * *

Heero: I will defeat Zechs, and I'll go get Treize. Then the war will be over.
Afterward, if you make it out of here, there will finally be peace.
This is the only thing I can do for you.

Relena: Heero....

Heero: I promised I would protect you. But in order to protect you
and the earth sphere I have no choice but to fight.

Relena: No.

Heero: Please let me fight.

Relena: No way. Heero, you're planning to die, aren't you?

Heero: Believe in me.

* * * * *

Relena: (sighs) Isn't it ROMANTICAL?!

Heero: Melody! Will you get her outta here an' make her leave me 'lone?!

Melody: What's the problem?

Heero: Relena's innerfearin' with my page!

Melody: Let's see. What has she done?

Relena: I jus' put up my fav'rite quote with my fav'rite pitcher of Heero an' me.

Heero: Make her take it down. This is MY page, ya know.

Relena: I'm just makin' a contrib-union to it is all. He said he wanted some a those.

Melody: She's right, Heero. This is a contribution page and she is entitled to
contribute to it just as much as anybody else.

Heero: (mutters) Women! They all-ways stick together!

* * * * *

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