A 'Nouncement!

From the Chibi Board of Directors

The CBD portrait by Dubird was drawn exclusively for the Shooting Stars Collection. Please do not copy.

This is 'fishul Chibi Board Bizness

Chibi Treize: (dignified) We, the Chibi Board of Directors, have an announcement to make.

Chibi Heero: It's that Melody ackshully cooked dinner tonight.

Chibi Duo: An' nobody died from it, neither!

Chibi Relena: That's not fair! Melody CAN cook, she just doesn't like to! So John cooks 'cause he LIKES to cook!

Chibi Quatre: An' she says that la-song-ya isn't that hard to cook anyways.

Chibi Trowa: An' 'member, John had FOUR pieces, so he MUSTA thought it was good!

Chibi Quatre: (eyebrows puckered with worry) Hope he don't get sick from eatin' so much cheese.

Chibi Relena: (confidently) Well, if he does, we'll just take care of him till he gets all better.

Chibi Milliardo: That's enough to make sure he gets well quick!

Chibi Relena: (indignant, hands on hips) Well!

Chibi Wufei: (gloomily) Now if they just don't die of dust inhale-ation durin' the night from Melody dustin' their bedroom today then ev'rybody should be okay.

Chibi Quatre: That's not healthy to breathe, is it?

Chibi Duo: (doomsday-ish) No, 'specially with that fan in the window blowin' the dust in the air all 'round.

Chibi Heero: (solemn monotone) That sure was a lot of dust.

Chibi Trowa: Yeah, I don't think we've probly ever seed that much dust 'fore.

Chibi Wufei: "Cept in a desert.

Chibi Treize: The realistic possibility of their choking from dust inhalation is minimal in my opinion. However, it may cause distress due to an allergic reaction.

Chibi Relena: Better keep the Ben-a-drill handy for 'em then.

Chibi Wufei: An' we better get Melody's 'haler, just in case she has a azma 'ttack.

Chibi Quatre: An' we better check on 'em while they're sleepin' just to MAKE SURE they're still breathin'.

Chibi Trowa: Maybe we should take turns watchin' 'em sleep.

Chibi Duo: I know! Let's wait till they're sleepin' an' then we can all stand 'round their bed watchin' 'em sleep. That way if one of us falls 'sleep then someone else will see if they stop breathin'.

Chibi Relena: That's a GREAT IDEA! Let's go get the Ben-a-drill. Any a you know what the comb'nation for the medicine cab'net is?

Chibi Milliardo and Chibi Treize shake their heads and go to their rooms. They know that when the younger chibis get an idea into their heads that not even buckets of logic would make any difference.