Chibi Relena's Dos an' Don'ts 'bout Boyz

If you haven't already read "Chibi Duo Livens Things Up" or "Aw, Do We HAFTA Share?", you'll want to do so before reading Relena's Dos and Don'ts page.

Hi! I got premission to write my own page for the Arkive! So I 'cided that talkin' 'bout boys would be good 'cause I do that all the time anyways.


1. ALWAYS wear pink. Always. That way the boy will 'member you're a girl. An' that's VERY 'portant!

2. Make him lotsa his fav'rite food an' plan a picnic an' make him go with you.
(For ideas 'bout foods NOT to make for picnics 'cause of causin' tummy aches, read
"Practicin' Makes Perfect.")

3. Try to pretend you're intersted in stuff he likes to do even if you think it's BORING. Then ask him to play house with you, or bake cookies or have a tea party 'cause you already played somethin' he likes.
(But don't ask him to play Barbies or Beauty Shop 'cause he won't. Trust me. ^_~)

4. Make sure he unnerstands that when you're playin' a game together that it is the girl's job to tell him what the rules are an' that the girl can change the rules at any time durin' the game.

5. Follow him 'round an' 'dore him wherever he goes.

6. If he don't wanna sit by you when you're eatin', make sure you sit right 'cross the table from him so you can watch him eat. You can see him better that way.


1. Don't kiss him 'less he's sleepin' so he won't know ya did it. This works mosta the time.

2. Don't touch NOTHIN' that boyz are playin' with till you ask 'bout what it is 'cause you never know if somethin' might blow up.

3. Don't NEVER play jumprope with only two boyz an' no other girls 'cause when they get tired of jumpin' they might tie you up so's they can go play somewheres else without any girls with.

An' the most 'portant thing to 'member is to make sure ALL the other girls know that he's YOURS.
They can go find a 'nuther boy to like!